Unicorniackstm is a series of NFT collections that exist on the Solana blockchain.

It’s the FIRST in a series by the Niacks!

We believe that they will be the next blue chip NFT on Solsea but you be the judge of that.

Our Short Story

In 2017 our founder learned all about Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and trading platforms.

It was a crazy time where Bitcoin went from $3000 to over $20,000 within 6 months during which time many ponzi schemes also appeared.

Our fearless leader took risks and ended up losing close to $20,000 and then BTC went back down to the $15,000 range, so that was it for cryptos for him.

The interest was always there as he kept a good amount of BTC stashed away and watched the price go up.

When he heard that Gary Vee was releasing his own NFT collection that he started getting interested in NFTs but it wasn’t until the Solana Zombie Business NFTs that he got the bug in Feb 2022.

After researching how NFT collections make it to the blue chip status, he decided to create his own collection and roadmap which you can read about here.

Genesis Unicorn NFTs

The first collection will be called Genesis Unicorns and will be minted and listed on Solsea.

The initial launch will happen starting March 1st and each day a few will be released but only 111 will ever be minted.

Join our Discord server to be notified of each listing.

The Genesis Unicorn NFTs are going to be sold out very quickly.

Read their details here